Volume 3, 2022



Darina Davidova
Pages: 8-14

ABSTRACT: Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex of hormonal disorders and disorders in a woman's body, which affect the whole body and have an impact on her physical and mental health. The syndrome was first described in 1935 by scientists Stein and Leventhal in women with infertility, obesity, hair loss, amenorrhea and polycystic ovaries. The condition occurs in 5-10% of women of reproductive age and is one of the leading causes of sterility and infertility. The incidence of the syndrome among adolescent girls is estimated to be between 11-26%, and 50-60% of them are overweight. According to some authors, 95% of girls with irregular periods have PCOS. Most doctors accept the term syndrome because the clinical manifestation is a set of different symptoms, the cause of which is the same - hormonal disorders. In recent years, the treatment of PCOS has been based on conservative approaches. The numerous studies on the etiology of the syndrome allow the treatment to be carried out according to the clinical manifestations and the prevailing etiological factors.


Keywords: polycystic ovaries, sterility, infertility


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