Volume 3, 2022



Petko Zagorchev and Tatyana Boykova
Pages: 90-94

ABSTRACT:Homeopathy is one of the most widely recognized and applied methods of integrative medicine. It is a discipline with a longstanding history of empirical results, which are solidly backed by ample research on the topic on a global scale.
The aim of this article is to provide a summary of the methods history, a short review of the regulations of its application around the world and of the available research in indexed databases.
A literature review of reference databases was conducted with the aforementioned aim in mind. Relevant studies have been disclosed in the article.
A solid base of over 7000 publications is available, 116 of them for the period of the last year. These publications include fundamental studies and clinical studies.
Homeopathy is a widely distributed integrative medicine methods with many studies condoning it’s use. Contemporary research should be focused on broadening the scope of available knowledge on the method.


Keywords: silver water, silver ions, application of silver water


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