Volume 3, 2022



Zlatka Cholakova, Nikolay Mirinchev
Pages: 76-80

ABSTRACT: Testicular seminoma is the most common tumor of the germ cell tumors. Ultrasonography of the scrotum is very important for the diagnosis of this disease especially in tumors limited to the testicular parenchyma, which can hardly be detected by palpation. The presence of cysts in testicular seminoma is extremely rare. Histological variants of tubular and microcystic seminomas, which are not common, have been described. The cystic variant with the burn out phenomenon is very rare. The treatment-diagnostic algorithm of cystic seminoma does not differ from the standard behavior algorithm proposed by the EAU 2022. We present a clinical case of cystic seminoma of the testis in a young man with negative beta human chorionic gonadotropin(betaCHG) and alpha fetoprotein(AFP) serum tumor markers.


Keywords: testis, cystic, seminoma, orchiectomy, rare


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