Volume 2, 2022



Мiujgyan I. Sabri
Pages: 17-24

ABSTRACT: Cervical cancer affects women in their prime. The disease is the fourth most common among women and puts the affected woman and her family to severe tests. This justifies the need to assess both quality of life and psychosocial stress in these patients. Objective: To identify and evaluate the most common psychosocial problems in women with cervical cancer, as well as the strategies they use to deal with them. Material and methods: 140 women were surveyed through an anonymous survey. The results were statistically processed with SPSS v. 20.0, using variational and comparative analyzes. For significance level we assume p <0.05). Results: Just under 1/5 (16%) of women report a fear of diagnosis and uncertainty about the outcome of the disease. Along with the fear of death and pain, almost half of the respondents demonstrated social dysfunction of the individual. 28% of the respondents share the concern not to be a burden to their relatives. The data show an acute need for psychological support, with 41% saying that feelings of despair are leading and 66% experiencing social discomfort. Conclusion: cervical cancer is a disease that leads to psychological discomfort and social isolation. This requires a rethinking of obstetric care for these women and finding new approaches to alleviate their physical and emotional suffering.


Keywords: Cervical cancer, psychological stress, social problems, midwife, support


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