Volume 2, 2022



A. Bakhova and N. Usheva
Pages: 148-153

ABSTRACT: The prevalence of oral diseases in Bulgaria significantly exceeds the values set by the World Health Organization (WHO) as global targets for oral health improvement. The introduction of the State Educational Standard for the Qualification of the Dental Assistant in 2018 defines the knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute to the improvement of the oral health of the population through oral health promotion and oral disease prevention activities.
Objective: to analyze the role of the dental assistant in oral health promotion and oral disease prevention Material and Methods: we used documentary comparative analysis of the legal framework regulating the activities of the "Dental Assistant" in Bulgaria and other countries. Also, we made a review of the scientific literature on the role, powers and responsibilities both in conducting health promotion and prevention activities, as well as in comprehensive prevention programs.
Results: Dental assistants are actively involved in health promotion and prevention activities in dental practices. There are both similarities and certain differences in the legal status, training and preparation, as well as the types of activities permitted in oral health care of the dental assistants in Bulgaria and other countries. The employment of auxiliary staff contributes significantly to increasing the efficiency and productivity of the dental team.
Conclusion: A team approach to health promotion and oral disease prevention is integral to maintaining good oral health in the population.


Keywords: prevention, oral health, dental assistant


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