Volume 2, 2022



Zhaklin Stoykova and Lyubomira Koeva-Dimitrova
Pages: 106-113

ABSTRACT: Personalized medicine is changing the medical sciences and is often referred to as the medicine of the future. Personalized medicine combines a wealth of knowledge such as genomics, genetics, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacology to provide personalized treatment targeted to the right patient with the right drug, the right dose, and the right time. We used a sociological method, and two surveys were conducted in the period September 2021 – to May 2022, with two target groups: doctors; cancer patients, and their relatives. A total of 336 respondents responded, of which 228 patients and 108 doctors. In the article, we are presenting summarized results from our own study of the awareness and opinion of Bulgarian doctors and patients, based on their experience of the condition and application of personalized medicine in Bulgaria. The results of both surveys indicate that both target groups recognize the need to be better informed about the current advances in personalized medicine, as well as access to targeted therapies and companion diagnostics. Over 60% of patients believe that personalized treatment is more effective than standard treatments and improves the quality of life. As a result, we believe that an important condition for providing precious, individualized treatment forms for the doctors and patients is to be well iaboutmed with the possibilities and applications of personalized medicine. Possible steps in this direction are the development and promotion n of a "Personalized path of the patient", specialized training of doctors of all specialties, and others.


Keywords: Personalized medicine, target therapies, cancer treatments, cost-effective, information


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