Volume 1, 2022



Rumyana Laleva
Pages: 31-38

ABSTRACT: Puerperium is a period characterized by involutional processes in the female body, with the exception of the mammary glands. For this recovery period, the young mother is prepared to some extent in terms of behavior at home, physical activity, daily routine and sexual life. Along with caring for the mother, child care is also needed. In many countries, daily follow-up of a woman from the 7th to the 14th day after birth is accepted.
Aim: Detection of complications (obvious and potential) of infectious and non-infectious nature, as well as emotional changes related to the mother and baby during this period.
Material and methods: In order to establish the existence of problems in the puerperium, we conducted an anonymous survey in the obstetrics and gynecology departments of 4 regional cities.
Results: From the analysis of the data, we found that pregnant women and first-born women have more serious concerns about breastfeeding than about their recovery.
Conclusions: Multiparous women consider the need for obstetric care.


Keywords: puerperium, problem, midwife, postpartum woman


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