Volume 1, 2022



Petya Boncheva and Klara Dokova
Pages: 23-30

ABSTRACT: Universities offer good possibilities and environment for health promotion. The British Network of Healthy Universities provides a "whole university approach" for health promotion developed by prof. Mark Doris aiming at simplifying the practical application of the health promoting principles and the development of a unified understanding how health can be embedded in all university policies and culture. The aim of this publication is to examine and acquaint the Bulgarian academic community with the "Whole University Approach" to health promotion. Material and methods: We searched for literature with the keywords: "whole university approach", "health promoting universities", "health promotion" and "Dooris" in the following databases PubMed, Science direct, Scopus. We browsed websites of national and international networks of health promoting universities in Google and Google scholar. Results and conclusions: Six literature sources were selected and analyzed based on predefined criteria for selection: published between 1995 and 2020; availability of full-text access in English; aimed at strengthening the health of the entire university community; analyzing the model proposed by Prof. Mark Dooris. They relate to both the theoretical substance of the approach and the practical experience of universities in the course of its application. The whole university approach is a key concept for health promoting universities directing the process of sustainable implementation of the initiative by higher education institutions. The main challenges in implementing the approach are related to: the commitment and integration of health in universities, the adaptation of the approach to the cultural environment, the limitation of resources and a holistic understanding of health.


Keywords: whole university approach, health promoting universities, healthy settings


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