Volume 1, 2022



Marina Samuneva-Zhelyabova
Pages: 124-131

ABSTRACT: Introduction: In the last 2 years, the whole world has been facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is a great challenge for everyone as the lifestyle and the work habits have changed tremendously. The teachers face many challenges in their work environment on a daily basis - first moving entirely to a remote work environment and then to a hybrid. This fact leads to a change in the risk factors in the workplace and, accordingly, in the structure of morbidity among teachers. Objective: To make a comparative analysis of morbidity among school staff before and during the COVID - 19 pandemic.
Material and methods: A documentary method was used. The study was conducted on the basis of data from health analyzes for temporary incapacity for work - from hospital sheets, and examined are employees in 3 schools for 3 years - 2019-2021.
Results: There is an increase in the frequency of both employees with temporary incapacity for work and cases of temporary incapacity for work with each passing year for the all three schools. The frequency of temporary incapacity for work has also increased significantly with each passing year. The cases of viral infections is also increasing, and the average duration of the hospital sheet is significantly higher in a pandemic for the three schools.
Conclusions: Working in a pandemic environment is a serious challenge among teachers. There is a clear increase in morbidity among them. For this reason, the necessary anti-epidemic measures have been introduced, as well as distance learning depending on the levels of morbidity in the country.


Keywords: teachers, morbidity analysis, pandemic, preventive measures


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