Volume 2, 2021



Stela Georgieva, Mariela Kamburova
Pages: 53-60

ABSTRACT: Dynamic processes in formation of the labour market and labour force in recent decades give rise to new challenges in the field of workplace health promotion. The purpose of this article is to focus on specific risks and needs of certain categories of persons in carrying out professional work. Analysis of statistical data and literature sources on the problem was made. Main risk groups that require priority attention and adaptation of health promotion activities to the specific risks are as follow: older workers because of limitation of the physical and functional capabilities of the body; young workers because of lack of physical and mental maturity and professional experience; women because of complex combination of reproductive, professional and social functions; migrants, engaged in less skilled and unattractive work and people with disabilities because of discrimination in competition for jobs and pay, social exclusion, unadapted to their needs occupational environment etc.


Keywords: workplace health promotion, risk groups at workplace, older workers, migrant workers


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