Volume 1, 2021



Zlatina Karadzhova
Pages: 23-29

ABSTRACT: Mankind has experienced many tragedies and cataclysms. There will certainly be many more. But now, in the time in which we live, we are witnessing something new, frightening. Scary, because we have no idea how long it will last and whether there is light in the tunnel. This uncertainty, lack of clarity, in itself leads to chaos, unemployment, demagoguery and the collapse of the world economy. Covid 19 also has an impact on the Bulgarian economy, with the tourism industry suffering the most. In our country, tourism plays a key role in our economy. A large part of the working population participates, works and is directly or indirectly dependent on tourism.
These facts and circumstances determine the significance and relevance of the chosen topic. The subject of research in the report is the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, the consequences and the corresponding actions that need to be taken in our tourism industry, which is also the subject of the study. The set research goal of the development is to provide possible solutions for future transformation and restart of the business. In conclusion, the need for quality transformation of Bulgarian tourism is justified.


Keywords: World pandemic Covid 19, impact, consequences, development, transformation


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